Commer-tising not Advertising

It's time to toss out the old way of thinking about advertising, where the audience is interrupted, their world cluttered with irrelevant visuals, where they are asked to leave and visit another website to buy the product.

Introducing Tique's commer-tising approach, where products ARE the news instead of competing with it and the audience is attracted through sleek video content that gets seen - and shopped from - where the audience is already hanging out.

The Tique Player

A product storefront that turns the audience into customers.

The Tique Player

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Why Video? It Works.

Four reasons why our videos work better than other media.

1. Customers choose to click and engage

Traditional video ads are noisy and compete for attention. Our videos are featured on their own page and are the content experience the customer clicked to view.

2. Customers understand the product

They can better grasp the scale, proportion, quality and characteristics of a product in a video as opposed to static images. And when they know what they'll get, they're more likely to convert.

3. Customers engage more with video

Humans are naturally drawn to stories, and when they can watch a story rather than read it, they stay focused longer and comprehend more.

4. Better engagement = more revenue

Customers who click to watch our videos are more likely to buy. In fact, we've found conversion rates of up to 18%.

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